Do you know footvolley ?

Jun. 28, 2021

Do you know footvolley ?

Footvolley------ Introduction

"Footvolley" evolved from volleyball. It extended the basic mode of volleyball game method and got its name from football technical actions.

It summarized the commonalities of the "three big balls" basket, volleyball and foot and their differences in rules. After that, a new idea was created and designed and invented.

We imagined inventing a feature with three major balls, and at the same time "liberating" the restrictions of "banned hands" and "banned feet" in the rules, and turned the head to the top A new sport where you can hold it, your hands can hit but you can hit firmly, your feet can kick but you can hit it, and your head, hands, and feet are all on the battlefield.



In the late 1970s and early 1980s, volleyball began to emerge in the Brazilian coastal city of Rio de Janeiro. A number of famous Brazilian stars, including Romario and Ronaldo, are loyal fans of this sport.



The 45-year-old Magang is an enthusiastic promoter of Brasilia's football volleyball. He often hangs out in city parks to convey skills to beginners, warm and friendly.

And with the support of the city park management department, a small football volleyball school was established in the park. Today, football volleyball has moved out of Rio and spread to major cities in Brazil.

Although Brasília, which is located in the inland plateau, does not have a beach, the city government has piled up a few beach volleyball courts with sand in the city park, which citizens can use for free.



It is different from the common beach football and the net football that Milu brought into China. Its net is suspended high in the air, and the standard of the field is similar to that of beach volleyball.

There are two players on each side of the field. They catch the menacing ball with their feet, legs, head, and chest, and then transport it across the net (seven feet high).

However, both sides of the game can only touch the ball with their torso and feet, which is completely in accordance with the rules of football.


Basic Rules

l A maximum of 3 touches are allowed on each side before the ball must be sent over to the opponents side.

l No player is allowed to touch the ball consecutively at any point in the game.

l A ball may be played off the net during a volley and on serve.

l A legal hit is one that contacts the ball without allowing the ball to visibly come to a rest.

l If 2 or more players contact the ball simultaneously, it is considered one touch.

l The player has 5 seconds from the referee's whistle to serve the ball.


The Arena

l The playing field is a rectangle,18m by 9m.

l The “free zone” or area between the boundary lines and advertisement boards must be at 3m.

l The net, situated in the middle of the playing field, is 9.5m by 1m.

l For men, the net is 2.2m high and for women, it is 2m high.



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